Thursday, October 7, 2010

Classic scene makeup

When it comes to scene makeup it's best to be creative with your look. If you look like every other scene girl, you won't stand out. Although, it's good to know how to do the classic scene makeup and then add a touch of creativity by using your favourite eyeshadow or drawing on some designs.

So how do you get the classic scene makeup look?

  1. Wear a pale-ish foundation or powder
  2. Use primer [or a translucent powder] on your eyelids and near your lower lashline. 
  3. Next, grab your kohl/pencil liner and color in your upper and lower water-line. 
  4. Wipe off any access eyeliner, you don't want too much, you'll be wear liquid liner too.
  5. Apply black or colored eyeshadow on your eyelids. Put an appropriate amount according to look you are aiming for. If your using colored, you can also experiment with more than one color.
  6. Blend your eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush or q-tip.
  7. Take your liquid liner and draw a smooth line across your upper and lower lashlines. If you wish, wing it out to add a more exotic look. You can also draw a few stars, hearts or dots near your eyes on occassions.
  8. You are done with the eyes. Get some lipgloss, make sure it is not too bright. Nude, translucent and light pink are good colors. Gently kiss a tissue paper to remove any access gloss ;]
    Now that you've mastered scene makeup, go out and show it off (:

    Scene Makeup

    scene makeup
    Scene makeup
    Scene makeup defines the scene trend. Every scene girl's makeup style differs from person to person, depending on what they call pull off and their pesonal preferences. For scene kids, makeup is art and everybody has their own original way of "painting it". Although, there is a classic look for most scene makeup. It usually includes: Heavy eyeliner, Pale foundation, Black eyeshadow, Maybe a little colorful eyeshadow, Pale clear or light pink lip-gloss, Fake eyelases or mascara. Some kids prefer dramatic wings/cat eyes, some like black eyeshadow to intensify the look and some just prefer a thin lining around their eyes for their scene makeup.

      Original scene makeup looks

      Purple, silver and black scene makeup

      Being scene is all about being original and different to stand out of crowd. That's why your scene makeup should have a touch of personality... you don't want to be "just another one of those scene girls". Being creative with your makeup is the key. Some girls go for bolder, crazier looks, you'll often see scene kids bearing dazzling, bright colored eyeshadows in many artistic techniques- rainbow eyelids, bi-color shadows, etc. Some go to the extent of drawing stars, hearts, etc. near their eyes, which is very pretty. 
      Adding different colored eyeshadows to the classic scene makeup look is the easiest way to add a touch of personality (:

      Scene makeup video tutorial

      This is one of the best scene makeup video tutorials I've seen out there (: